The TIM Team Program brings together all agencies involved in clearing the roadway crashes with the objective of improving detection, verification, response, and clearance times to expeditiously remove a motor vehicle crash or incident from the roadway while providing the best real-time information to motorists, resulting in a safer roadway environment for both incident responders and motorists.


Through cooperation, communication and training, the Teams intend to reduce incident scene clearance times by 10% each year.

About TIM Teams:

The North Florida Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Teams are committed to implementing the Quick Clearance principles of Florida’s Open Roads Policy through the implementation of the “3 Cs” of TIM: Communication, Cooperation, and Coordination. TIM Teams are dedicated to providing the public with the best real-time Motorist Information available through Intelligent Transportation Systems such as 511, Highway Advisory Radio, and over the road Dynamic Message Signs. TIM Team member agencies include state, regional, and local transportation agencies, public safety providers, emergency medical responders, emergency management agencies, professional tow truck operators, and many others that service the traveling public. TIM Teams are sponsored by the Florida Department of Transportation and meet to discuss related topics, develop improved processes, share lessons learned, and gain insight into other stakeholder perspectives. TIM Teams collaborate for the greatest response initiative the world has ever known.