1456873425_965e2016 started off as the year of the Road Ranger.  Everywhere you turned they were being recognized (finally!!).  In February, WJXT Channel 4 had the opportunity to ride-along with Road Ranger Andy Henry, Supervisor Cody Parham and FDOT PIO David Fierro.  Heather’s report aired in March and can be found by clicking here.  This was followed by Folio Weekly doing an impressive cover story “The Ranger Zone” and photo spread from March 2016 that can be found at the following by clicking here.  After this, the Florida Department of Transportation followed up the article with their own “Road Rangers to the Rescue” in March as well.  Their article includes a video of their ride-along with Supervisor Cody Parham as they followed Road Ranger Rick Tripp.

By assisting at accident scenes, providing real-time information to the Traffic Management Center and assisting with Roadway Clearance, the Road Rangers play a key role in Incident Management for the Florida Department of Transportation.

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