National Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Responder Training Program

Why is this important?

On average…

5 firefighters are struck and killed each year

1 police officer is struck and killed each month

1 tow operator is struck and killed each week

…at or near traffic incidents.

The Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP 2) developed a program with the objective that responders nationwide acquire a common set of core competencies for traffic incident management.

This training highlights the safety of responders and motorists, quick response, and effective communications at traffic incident scenes.

Contact Craig Carnes at if you would like more information about this training or are interested in attending a session in your area. You can view an overview of the 4-hour course here.

SHRP 2 also offers a free, online training which supplements the in-person experience by providing immediate training until a course is available in your area as well as refresher training after you attend an in-person event. This course is 4 hours long and is of no cost to the trainee. It encompasses focus areas such as TIM fundamentals, Command Responsibilities and Traffic Management, just to name a few. This course can be found at the following link: SHRP2’s National Traffic Incident Management Online Responder Training New

See the following documents for more information about the Training Program:
July 2014 TIM Newsletter
Summary of Implementation Good Practices

Current Trainings

Training Date Documents
Alachua – January 24 SHRP 2 Training Announcement New


Past Trainings